UNICA depuis 1937


UNICA (Union Internationale du Cinéma) only uses contact information for the internal running of the organisation.

We never give or sell such information to others.

UNICA presents publicly on this website and in occasional newsletters:

  •  Contact information for the National Organisations, which are its members.
  •  Contact information (usually just an email address) for the President, Secretary-general, Treasurer, Webmaster, Friends of UNICA officer and Patronage  officer.
  •  Lists the names, but not the contact information, of film makers who take part in our annual competition or whose films are in our film archive.

UNICA stores and uses for its internal operations, but does not make public the contact information for:

  • Its committee, any special advisers, members of UNICA juries.

         When someone retires from such duty, their information is deleted at the end of the calendar year.

  • Members of the Friends of UNICA group.

         This is used once or twice a year to send information about future meetings. If people leave the group, their details are deleted.

  • Most of the film-makers, whose work is in our film archive.

         These are kept indefinitely, so that if we receive an enquiry about the use of a film, we can contact the film maker.

  • A list of people who have expressed interest in receiving information about future UNICA events.

         This is usually used once a year to provide details of the next annual Congress and Film Festival.

         Details are retained for two years unless recipients request to remain on the list.

  • In co-operation with the National Organisation which hosts the annual Congress and Festival each year, we hold contact information of the people who take part in the event.

         This information is used only for practical contact before and on rare occasions immediately after the event.

         (For example to return lost property.) Such records are deleted at the end of the calendar year.

  • Anyone on these records can ask for them to be amended or deleted by contacting the Data Protection Officer on info@unica-web.one.

UNICA Website

  • We use Google Analytics to assess and improve the website. We also present embedded videos from hosts such as YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion. All of these involve the automatic sending of information - not your name, address or email but about your browser and which websites you visited immediately before and afterwards.
  • We link to many other websites and are not responsible for their actions.

      Please address any enquiries about UNICA Data Privacy matters to info@unica-web.one