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The Jury

Portrait of Guido Haesen. Guido Haesen (Luxembourg)

Cinema is my hobby and my passion ...
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Portrait of Tomas Hucko. Tomáš Hučko

For a number of years he has run a website devoted to documentary film ... read more
Portrait of Romy Van Krieken. Romy Van Krieken
(The Netherlands)

I can now call myself a proper film reporter ...
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Portrait of Josep Rota. Josep Rota

... non professional film-making has been really a passion for him ... read more
Portrait of Anton Szomolányi. Anton Szomolányi (Slovakia)

... Associate professor of the Academy of Fine Arts in Banská Bystrica ...
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Portrait of Vjekoslav Zivkovic. Vjekoslav Zivkovic (Croatia)

...he is constantly looking for new challenges...
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Portrait of Dave Watterson . Dave Watterson
(U.K.) Jury Leader

... I admire and respect film makers, no matter how their movies are rated ... read more
Two or three times a day, the jury discusses the films in public and at the end of the week they vote in public to choose which will win UNICA medals and special prizes.

Voting System

Round One deals with films that are not labelled in a special category. (Films by young people do not get special treatment.) The majority required to pass each step is 5:2 or better.

  1. The first vote is for Diplomas of Honour.
    If a film gets a Diploma, it goes on to the Bronze Medal vote.
  2. The second vote is for a Bronze Medal.
    If a film gets a Bronze, it goes on to the Silver Medal vote.
  3. The third vote is for a Silver Medal.
    If a film gets a Silver it will later go on to the Gold Medal vote.

    There is then a pause for some jury discussion.

  4. The fourth vote is for a Gold Medal.

Round Two deals with films made by students at film colleges and by films from young professionals.The same voting steps are worked through.

After that the film with the best voting score is regarded as the best film of the competition. In the event of a tie there may be a second or third round of voting. If no resolution is achieved the same prize is given to both films.

Any special prizes are agreed by a simple majority of the jurors.

(Download the formal statement of rules as a pdf here.)

National Programmes

Only UNICA member federations contribute films to the festival. Entry is not open to individual or club film makers.

List of UNICA members.

Programme Length

Each member federation has a maximum of 60 minutes.
After each film there is a 2 minute pause for the jury to make notes. The exception is the last film in the group which does not need to be followed by a special pause.
film 1 15 mins
02 mins
film 2
18 mins
02 mins
film 3
23 mins
60 mins
Each federation may also present a 3 minute introductory film which is not judged and does not count within their hour.

A display of UNICA medals.