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UNICA 2003
Warsaw/ Varsovie/ Warschau


Letter from the President (May)

Letter from the President (September)

Letter from the President (December)

Awarding of Honorary UNICA Medals


Films for the Competition
Sequence of films
Ranking of countries
Top Countries
WMMC (World Minute Movie Cup)

General Assembly

GA Minutes (pdf)
Report of General Secretary (pdf)
CICT Report (pdf)
Film Library Report(pdf)
Proposals from members (pdf)
Voting for committee results

The committee elected at UNICA 2003.
Photo: B. Zimmermann

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Serge Michel - Vice President; Jan Essing - Secretary General; Ctirad Stipl - UNICA News; Stanislaw Puls - Counsellor; Jan Baca - Counsellor; Max Hänsli - President; Jean-Claude Lejosne - Translations; Hans Schober - Filmlibrary; Fred Graber - Friends of UNICA; Rolf Mandolesi - Counsellor; Hans Joachim Stampehl - Treasurer; Thomas Kräuchi - Technique; Zeljko Balog - Counsellor; Arie de Jong - Webmaster.

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