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Congress & Festival

Programme 2014

In Dom emenia (Arts Centre) unless specified otherwise.

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Showing of films in national programmes + discussion

Saturday 23. August 2014

12:00 Collect Congress Cards
18:00 Opening Ceremony
20:00 Opening Banquet - Hotel Magnolia

Sunday 24. August 2014

Whole day excursion to Bratislava

Monday 25. August 2014

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Slovakia / Switzerland / Sweden
Poland / Luxembourg / Netherlands
Argentina / Uzbekistan / Iran

Tuesday 26. August 2014

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Bulgaria / Georgia /South Korea
Finland / Hungary / Slovenia
Romania / Macedonia

Wednesday 27. August 2014

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Armenia / Andorra / Liechtenstein
Friends of UNICA Meeting
Half-day excursion
Estonia / Ukraine / Austria

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Thursday 28. August 2014

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Russia / Spain / Norway
U.K. / Czech Republic / Italy
Croatia / Belgium

Friday 29. August 2014

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France / Tunisia / Germany
UNICA General Assembly
Presentation about UNICA 2015
The World Minute Movie Cup

Saturday 30. August 2014

09:00 Public Jury Discussion
18:00 Prize Presentations
20:00 Closing Banquet - Hôtel Magnolia

Sunday 31. August 2014

Departure of Guests
The Programme is subject to change.

Film image by Riyas Hamza.

Welcome to the UNICA festival week

 The cinema in Dom umenia, Piestany.Anyone can come to UNICA. If you want to see the world's best non-commercial short films, just turn up at Dom Umenia in Piešťany, Slovakia. There is no charge for watching the films. To enjoy the full experience, however, you must buy a Congress Card which lets you take part in the opening and closing event, the excursions and so on. For practical details visit the UNICA 2014 website.

Screenings + Judging

Logo of Slovakian film federation.Films start with the programme from the host nation, Slovakia. We finish with the films from the federation whose programme was judged the most interesting one at the previous festival: Germany. For 2014 the order is:

Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Argentina, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Georgia, South Korea, Finland, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Macedonia, [Armenia*], Andorra, Liechtenstein, Estonia, Ukraine, Austria, Russia, Spain, Norway, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Italy, Croatia, Belgium, France, Tunisia, Germany.
* Armenia has given notice that it is boycotting the competition this year.

After two or three programmes have been shown, the jury discusses them in public. At the end of the week the jury votes in public to choose the films which will win UNICA medals and other prizes.
The Jury

For details of who is in the jury - click here.
Other Events

For details of the non-film events - click here.


The festival takes place in a popular spa town. There are many attractive walks to be taken in the area, plenty of shops and interesting restaurants. It is just an hour north of Bratislava with good train and bus connections. Special UNICA buses run between Bratislava Airport and the town.