the Committee

The committee usually meets three times a year: once during the UNICA Congress, once hosted by a committee member and once at the venue for the next UNICA Festival. Elections are held every third UNICA Congress. Decisions of the committee are mainly subject to approval by the next General Assembly. 

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Tatyana Alahverdzhieva

Tatyana was born in 1959 in Ruse, Bulgaria, finished her studies in Economics and French in Varna. Afterwards she moved back to her native town and has lived there ever since.

Tatyana has a long-term experience in translating and communication in different languages – French, Russian, English and of course Bulgarian.

Passions and hobbies: travelling, art (music, painting, visual arts, photography, dance), meeting new people, learning new languages, organisation of cultural events.

Tatyana has been a member of the Cinema club of Ruse since 1982. She is one the pioneers of the National Federation of Non-Professional Movie Makers in Bulgaria (FAC – Federation of Alternative Cinema) and its person in charge of international relations since 1998.

As a member of FAC she takes part in the film making process and has contributed to many films, honoured with prizes at national and international festivals - “Elias Canetti of Roustchuk”, “Art destination”, “Digou-digou” etc.

She has had leading part in the organisation of many festivals, on a national and international level, such as School for alternative cinema, Europe for its citizens and the last one – “Danube – the River of Europe” – 5th edition (25-27 June 2015).

Her education and working experience in economics have served her well in the elaboration of projects in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Regional Development and the Municipality of Ruse.

“In 2012 I had the honour to organise the 74th Congress and festival of UNICA in Ruse, Bulgaria. I took part in all the aspects of preparation, organisation and actual work during the event. During that time I had the possibility to see the rhythm of work of UNICA and the methods to inspire movie amateurs to create and live as a family. My visit to the 76th Congress and festival of UNICA in Piestany, Slovakia, gave me new ideas and has enriched my knowledge in the domain.”

Since 2016 I have been in charge of the Friends of UNICA.

Tatyana Alahverdzhieva