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The committee usually meets three times a year: once during the UNICA Congress, once hosted by a committee member and once at the venue for the next UNICA Festival. Elections are held every third UNICA Congress. Decisions of the committee are mainly subject to approval by the next General Assembly. 

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Franka Stas
(The Netherlands)

Let me re-introduce myself:

I’m Franka Stas, 64 years old and I retired in 2015 after 41 years of teaching at a high school in Holland.

The last 10 years I taught Film, (I originally started as a PE teacher) and during 5 of these years I participated in European ‘Comenius’ projects, where students learned about film and produced their own films in international exchange programs.

I am still a passionate filmmaker. I had two films in UNICA competitions: in 2002 and 2013.

I have only just started

It has been three years but I have the feeling I have only just started. It took much time to understand the complicated structure of our organisation. Being a member of the UNICA Committee has been interesting, inspiring and at times disappointing. There is too little time to design necessary changes for the future of UNICA, to come up with ‘creative’ solutions that will satisfy most member organisations. We cannot afford to hold on to the past, it blocks progress!

My aspirations of integrating all generations during UNICA Congresses turned out to be optimistic.

There can be no harvest without sowing!

But… it is still my goal to bring young people to UNICA by offering them a unique experience during the YOUNG UNICA Workshops. By promoting UNICA by word-of-mouth and on social media they are our long-term future. There can be no harvest without sowing!

And from a filmmakers point of view I still hope to organise an inter-active workshop, coached by a professional, to stimulate sharing and exchanging experience among filmmakers of all ages. This ‘active’ part in the festival program would probably run parallel to the screenings.

I also want to organise a symposium or seminar to exchange national ‘Best Practices’, based on the outcome of the Questionnaire among member organisations. Some National Organisations struggle with the same issues: ageing members, declining festival attendance, inability to get young filmmakers to participate in their activities etc. In other countries some of these issues don’t seem to exist. How can we share our experiences in these matters and all benefit from it?

With kind regards,
Franka Stas


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