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We'd like to remind you that launching the  videos will send some data to YouTube, Vimeo or other video servers.

Wir möchten Sie daran erinnern, dass der Start der Videos einige Daten an YouTube, Vimeo oder andere Videoserver sendet.

Nous vous rappelons que le lancement des vidéos enverra des données à YouTube, Vimeo ou d'autres serveurs vidéo.


Catgory Film School: Bronze

The Girl in a Red Golf

Main Category: Bronze

> I Have to Save the World a Little

Catgory Film School: Bronze

Prix International CICT-UNESCO "Delmiro de Caralt"

Lego Fire and Water Speckhofer Thomas

Main Category: Bronze    (Österreich)

Not the End of the World

Catgory Film School: Bronze


Main Category: Bronze

Soul Fever Blues

Main Category: Diploma of Honour

Faith and Science

Film School Category: Diploma of Honour


Main Category: Diploma of Honour

1.21 - Locker Room

Daniel Bracher (Austria)

History of the Theater

Main Category: Diploma of Honour

1499        Jakub Chochula / Valentin Kozaňák / Team KEKS (Slovakia)

Annie and Lena

Service national de la Jeunesse (Luxemburg)


Veera Heinonen (Finland)

Un timide dans la ville (A Shy Man in the City)

Fabien Pelletier / Maxence Piat/ Clément Neveu

Svědomí (Conscience)

Daniel Dandul (CZE)

A Young French Girl

Guy Gauthier (Luxemburg)


John Roberts (United Kingdom)

Domino                                     Young UNICA

Gabriel Nicuţari / Vasile Flutur        (Romania)

Rybár (Fisher)

Tomáš Bucher (Slovakia)

Dreaming about the Sky

Marina Martynova (Russia)

Liekki (Flame)

Emmi Kärnä (Finland)

Faith and Science

Volodymyr Antonov (Ukraine)

Freiraum (Free Space)

Dieter Leitner (Austria)

Jäger (Hunter)

Simone und Frank Thernes (Germany)

Leentje and Bertus

Jilles Koopmans / Ron Hofman (The Netherlands)

Int. Room

Boris Takovski (Macedonia)

LOVEC (Hunter)

Šimon Šebo (Slovakia)

J and J in Space   Christophe H,Jacques P,

Jos B,Roland N,Fernand S, Wolfgang L, Jorge M, Gauthier M, Raymond W.      (Luxemburg)

My Best Enemy                 Marcela Taracido / Ana Veiga / Inés Mirás                     (Spain)

One  Night Stand                           YOUNG UNICA

Oana Hapenciuc            (Romania)

Pickpocket            George Trishakov, Innocent Markov, Alexander Torro [Join Studio] (Russia)

Κинотеатр Под Открѣім (Open Air Cinema)

Nikita Chetveryakov (Ukraine)     YOUNG UNICA

March arrière (Reverse)

Didier Trocq (France)


Andrea Testini (Italy)


Jürgen Bergmann (Germany)

Små biler (Small Cars)

Terje Idsø (NOR)

The Name of Randal

Daniel Caracci (France)

The Cows Hide Away to Eat

Paula Webster (United Kingdom)

The Old Man and the Dog

Filip Petreski (Macedonia)

The Moose Hunter

Harald Lundstein (Norway)

The Start of a Big Day

Roger Crunden (United Kingdom)

Trans Siberian, Trans Mongolian

Juan J. Guillermo (Spain)

Wildlife in Focus - photographer Tuomas Heinonen

Mitri Häkkinen (Finland)


Ugo Panizza (Switzerland)

Woman with Piano

Josef Svoboda (Czech Republic)

Прогулки пана Пiпа (Walks of Mr. Pip)

Karolina Pilipenko (Ukraine)       YOUNG UNICA

Soul Fever Blues

Sigalov Alexej  (Austria)


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